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Each restaurant operates differently when it comes to the Point of Sale system. Our products cover a variety of styles, so no restaurant, cafe, or drive-thru goes without a POS system. Our packages support the following types of restaurants:

Order and Pay at the Counter
Tableside iPad Ordering
Traditional Paper Ordering
Tableside Ordering & Tableside Payments
Tableside Ordering & Counter Payments


Ideal for simple transactions between customers and transferring funds to your restaurant’s bank account.

Ideal for small restaurants with a few tables or moving people through a checkout line quickly.

Verifone VX520

Installation Time:
1-2 Weeks

$299.99 Hardware
$14.99 Monthly



Poynt Smart Terminal

$849.99 Hardware
(Poynt and Cash Box)

Installation Time:
1-2 Weeks

$24.99 Monthly
Point 5 can be added for $449.99 each

Ideal for small restaurants who utilize a wait staff for a small amount of tables and continue to use the traditional paper ordering method.

Ideal for fully functioning restaurants whose wait staff utilizes technology when taking and processing orders. This package allows for managing loyalty programs, integrations, employee time clocks, etc.

Talech Elo Station



Talech Full Package

Installation Time:
1-2 Weeks

Installation Time:
2-3 Weeks

$2,999.99 Hardware
(including iPad Air, station, and Poynt Smart Terminal – no additional printer)

$89.99 Monthly
$69.99 for each additional device

Total: $2,629.99 


...and so much more!

Not seeing a solution for your restaurant?


Inquire through our contact form for a personalized solution for your transaction needs.

Want to utilize gift cards?

  • $38 Per Month

  • $599 for 500 Custom Cards

  • $89 for 100, $149 for 200, $199 for 300

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