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Merchant Masters

About Us

Our Story

Merchant Masters emerged out of the need for transparent and ethical subject matter expertise.

Too often, processors will focus on one or two things within the payment process and this consistently puts the merchant in a bad spot . So, we took a different approach: we look at each business 's needs holistically. While rates will always be an important part of the payment process, we understand that there are many other important things as well, such as integrations, contracts, optimization, and much more. With this approach we built a strong reputation for integrity, effectiveness, and ease-of-use in the processing space, all while giving back to the business community.



Every business values something, here's what we value...

Values provide a glimpse into what companies say they strive to be, and below is our list of organizational values:

  • Integrity

  • Ease-of-Use

  • Service 

  • Servant Leadership

By embracing these values, we create an environment where our clients truly feel they have exactly what they need to succeed. 

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