What is The Challenge?
Banks are increasingly regulated entities which make it difficult for them to support anyone but the largest, most established businesses.  That leaves start-ups, small and even mid-size businesses without a source for capital even though they may have a good history of customer sales and payments.
What is The Solution?
Merchant Masters understands your pain.  We too are a business that has grown by boot-strapping cash together and growing through our own hard work, good decisions and finding creative solutions. Merchant Masters offers a capital source to you based on your cash flows from credit cards.  Similar to the old-school factoring of receivables, this credit card factoring allows you to bundle your smaller, un-leverageable receipts into a usable capital infusion.  We extend capital to customers based on 50% to 100% of their average monthly credit card receipts.

How Does It Work?
As a Merchant Master approved customer, we examine six months of past statements which gives us a good overview of your business and ability to repay. We then make a proposal to you based on whether you want 50%, 75% or 100% of your average monthly sales.

What Does Merchant Masters Need for Documentation?
We do our underwriting based on CASH FLOW, not income statements & balance sheets (although those are helpful).  We need 6 months’ worth of merchant statements and six months’ worth of bank statements. We do require a personal guarantee on these funds and a security interest in the receivables.

Ok, let's face it... small business finance is a problem.  Banks are so over-regulated they can't loan you money.  Friends and family are tapped out and you NEED cash to improve operations.

Your Merchant Master specialist can help you secure a fast loan from us to help you improve productivity and profits.  No application fee, no hassles.  B2B Customers, ask us about our Factoring Services, B2C Customers, as about our merchant lending.  Either way, let us help you!

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What Are the Charges?
There are no application fees and the factor rates are dependent on the percentage of receipts you want to factor out.  The higher percentage you’re leveraging, the higher the rate due to the increased underwriting risk.
How Is Repayment Made?
Depending on the percentage of revenues factored, we tailor the amount of days to repay based on keeping your prepayment rate at between 10% and 13% of daily revenues.

Are There Restrictions on How I Use The Money?
No, you may use these funds however you see fit. However, let’s not kid ourselves, this is not the cheapest money you’re going to find and therefore it is generally appropriate only for use to expand capacity or improve efficiency. If you’re using this money to make good on current payables or operating cash flows, talk to your representative about how to better manage your enterprise so you can improve profitability.

How Do We Begin?
Simply send us a request by email to info@merchantmaster.com and we will send you an application. For our first-time customers, we limit the funding to 50% of the average monthly credit card charges; for 2nd time customers we raise that to 75% and customers who use us a 3rd time or beyond we go to 100% or more of the monthly credit card receipts.

** all funding's done through McGraw Funding, LLC, a member of The McGraw Council, Inc.